About Us


Size: 33,370 square feet.

Capacity: Currently serves 1,500 high school students.

Facilities: 128-seat lecture hall; e-training lab; video editing room; two small conference rooms; fully accessible for use by people with disabilities.


Books: 55,000+ print volumes; health and science specialization; 80,000 ebooks.

Periodicals: Over 150 print titles; 3 newspapers; extensive online access. The library subscribes to over 120 magazine titles covering health, science, and technology issues, as well as leisure reading. Additional magazines are available through the library's subscription databases.

Videos/DVDs/CDs: 8,000 titles; may be checked out for 3 days.

Art: Over 1,000 framed prints for circulation.

Computers: Windows network with 100 PCs for student use; 30 take-home laptops; printers; scanners; video editing and presentation equipment. MS Office; Inventor; and Adobe CS6 are available on PCs.

Online Resources: Library catalog, word processing, eBooks, Internet access to subscription databases.